What does “made from recycled materials” really mean?

Survivor provides the protection you need to keep your phone in hand, ready to capture every wild moment of your experience. We know all too well that the experiences you dream of don’t happen in your living room. Just like you, we love the all-day grind, top of the peak moment, or watching the sun set over the city with our crew after a long day exploring the city.

What is the binding moment to it all? Survivor respects the landscape where adventure happens, whether a small strip of grass serving as an oasis in the city, or a trail that takes you high above the clouds and allows you to clear your mind.

This is why we are striving to protect where you play by introducing sustainable practices into our case range, providing a solution to properly dispose of your case post-use, and using our voice to highlight both the stories and the landscapes where adventure happens that need support and protection. 

This year we are excited to announce that Survivor cases for iPhone 13 are now made from recycled materials.  We see this as the first step forward, towards our end goal of a more sustainable and responsible process overall. In the interest of transparency for you, and the continual challenge to ourselves and our design team, we wanted to share this table of our designs and their accompanying material make-up:

You may be wondering, “Why are there various percentages of material content?” We would like to share some details on how we got here. Over the last few years we have been working with a special materials company, Eastman to integrate a sustainable material they have created, called “Tritan Renew.” We looked far and wide to find an eco-friendly material that came from safe origins, while also matching the quality and protection our customers have come to expect from Survivor.

Tritan Renew is made through Eastman's Advanced Circular Recycling technologies — also known as molecular recycling — which break down plastic waste into fundamental building blocks to be used to create pristine new material. By replacing traditional fossil feedstocks with plastic waste, the company is helping to divert plastic from landfills, incinerators, or ending up as litter in the ocean

In order to deliver the high-level of performance you expect from Survivor protection, and avoid any compromise in performance, we have created the perfect mix of materials. Our slimmer cases have less recycled material, because there is less material used in the case overall. Most of our cases feature a substantial amount of recycled material, however we also have special cases that push the boundaries of sustainable design and protection.

For this unique exercise we targeted a classic case, and fan favorite for our brand, the Survivor All-Terrain. Known for setting a pinnacle for protection and features, this case previously defined the stereotypes of “rugged” protection. We challenged our design team to achieve a higher standard, introducing sustainability and re-imagining the design from the inside out.

Our design team flipped traditional case design inside-out, literally. Challenging the status quo of case design, the new All-Terrain suspends your device in a sandwich of soft, ultra-protective layers, secured by a rigid core. This case delivers our most impressive drop protection yet, at 20 feet, along with eco-friendly materials and  a composition comprised of soft and hard sustainable bio-resins.

Okay, we know what you are thinking… “This all sounds great but how do you know what people are going to do with their case post-use?!” The answer… we don’t. We are introducing a solution by launching a post-use recycling program for your cases. The bottom line here, after you purchase a new Survivor case visit our site and you can mail your old case back for free! (Yes, you read that right.) Click here to learn more about the recycling program.

Through a partnership with Close the Loop we are now able to take back your old case (at no charge to you) and molecularly recycle it in the same way our Tritan Renew material now found in our cases is recycled. Are you inspired? Good. So are we. Our passion for new experiences, great friends, and spontaneous adventure isn’t going to fade, and neither will our quest to be a more sustainable and responsible brand.

Survivor – Protecting where you play.