Survivor Pencil Tether

Survivor Pencil Tether

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A convenient way to guard against dropping or misplacing your pencil or stylus while working, the pencil tether consists of a tough, retractable coil cord with strong connection points on each end to keep your pencil and device securely linked. Attaches firmly to the kickstand/handstrap, and both accessories can be used simultaneously. The cord stretches up to three feet in length to give you plenty of freedom, and you can easily use your pencil while its attached.


  • Securely attaches to the Kickstand Handstrap allowing both accessories to be used simultaneously


Guards against dropping and/or losing a pencil or stylus by keeping it securely connected to your device while you’re working; great for busy people on the move.


iPhone Protection


All Endurance Tablet cases & All Terrain cases (2019-2021)

[spec-block compatibility]

All Endurance Tablet cases & All Terrain cases (2019-2021)

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Stretches up to 3 Feet

[spec-block weight]

1.98 lbs